We do USSD API integrations which enable you to connect to USSD gateway and serve your clients using simple and easy to use USSD Codes. USSDs are gaining popularity rapidly due to their preference based on ease of use and accessibility over mobile phones that are not internet enabled.

USSD Codes enable system users to query the system's database, make adjustments and/or insertions. Users can subscribe to a serivce via USSD code. They can provide a wide range of services accessible over web apps online.

Just like short codes, USSD Codes are also categorized into Shared and Dedicated. Dedicated USSD Codes are solely owned by one individual/organization and are used to carry strictly their services. They follow the format *280#. Shared USSD Codes provide a cheap alternative for distributing services over USSD codes since they are shared bay a large pool of users compared to dedicated. They have the format *280*1*1#


USSD Use Cases

Query Services

Give anyone with a feature phone access to structured information from your application with USSD menus.The interactive nature means you can layer authentication and leading questions to deliver the right information.

Data Collection

USSD is universally accessible on any mobile phone. This makes it a powerful tool for data collection. The session-based nature of USSD apps also make them better suited for structured surveys than SMS-based solutions.

User Registration

USSD Codes are only 3 digits long. This makes them powerful marketing tools for leading users to your services. Coupling USSD with other services (such as SMS or Voice) can greatly enhance the customer on-boarding experience.

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