Our Profile

Oritech Company Ltd is a well established Information Technology company and is duly incorporated under the companies Act Cap 486 laws of Kenya. The company is centered on provision of the continuously evolving Information Technology products and services to the ever increasing demand. It employs professional designers and software developers, who also have proficient knowledge on product markets. It has maintained high standards by providing our esteemed clients with professional services and quality goods. We do so by maintaining a good rapport with well known manufacturers of hardware products such as Toshiba, HP, and Lenovo among others. We also develope applications tailored to solve market needs and deploy for general use. We boast of a wide variety of programming languages pool from our developers who strive to ensure we deliver the best in the tech world.

Our Values

Team Work

We believe in working as a team to encourage specialization and timely delivery of the final product. Our teams divide tasks according to their proficiencies thus effective client satisfaction.


We strive to create a good customer relationship for long-term service engagements hence we ensure timely project deliveries and according to the client needs and specifications.


At Oritech, we improve online our services with latest trends in Tech and also come up with services that meet changing market demands. This enables our clients to keep updated.

Our Mission & Vision

  • Vision
  • Mission

Oritech’s main vision is to be the leading producer of innovative slutions that can be integrated in our day-to-day living and change lives.

Build or deliver the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions that improves living standards.

Our Goals

To have a heritage of professionalism, dependability with global standards.
Have first class operational systems in the office and outside which en-sure proper flow of services such as client orders.
Understanding our customers to create value in their system require-ments thus deliver what the customer wanted in the end product.
Shaping the future by making IT services and products affordable.
Set a benchmark through partnering with other key players in the indus-try and come up with products/services that are aimed at changing lives.
Offer excellent product and services to customers in line with our service charter.
Engage in social cooperate responsibilities.

Some of Our Clients

  • Alfeno Studios
  • APR Journals
  • Duara Audio Visual
  • Erankau Hotel
  • Faidasasa
  • Fashion360
  • HousingSmart
  • Hype Information Research
  • Limuru Nursing Home
  • Ministry of Devolution & Planning
  • PapTrack Systems Ltd
  • Village Enterprise
  • WillieScant Company
  • Young Business Owners

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