Customer to Business

M-Pesa Customer to Business transaction occurs when an individual uses the Lipa Na M-Pesa functionality on their M-Pesa menu to make payments merchants. We do the API integration to enable you process these payments and receive final payment status to your application.

Mobile Checkout

For businesses that sell products online, we integrate the Lipa Na M-Pesa Online checkout which enables M-Pesa payments. Clients will get a push prompt on their mobile phone with the payment details and they shall be requested to enter their PIN to process transaction.

Business to Customer

M-Pesa Business to Customer transactions are performed when Organizations/Institutions are sending out Bulk Payments to Customers. We integrate M-Pesa B2C to enable operation of these transactions and you get result of final transaction status on your application.

Business to Business

M-Pesa Business to Business transactions occur when one is moving funds from one Paybill to another or to Bulk Payment Number. We integrate M-Pesa B2B to enable these nature of transactions and you receive the final transaction status in your application.

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