Bulk SMS

We offer an extremely easy to use Bulk SMS platform that allows you to engage with your clients, friends, business associates and more through SMS. SMS remains a fast, instant and effective way to send messages worldwide. It is also cheap. To start, we shall create for you an account then you load as little as Kshs 10 via our easy to use Mpesa payments platform. Thats it! You can send your first message in minutes to as many people in your contact list as you have.

This service is suitable for organizations like churches, schools, SACCOs and other institutions which require to send out one SMS to hundres/thousands or reciptients at a go. The SMS cant be sent out using our short code 20880 or you may request for a Sender ID from us. We shall provide you with a platform where you can login to upload your contatcs and categorize them into groups. You can load airtime from the platform and Send start sending out SMSes which are charged according to the number of textx you send.

Bulk SMS Features

Custom Messages

You can use our Bulk SMS platform to reach out to various people with one customisable SMS. This can be used to send out bills, due dates and much more. SMS variables are simply defined and called within the SMS.

Upload Contacts

We made it easy for you to import multiple contacts. You can simply prepare your contacts in an excel file alongside with the variables you wish to send out i.e. bill amount then simply import it on our platform.

Group Management

With our bulk SMS platform, you can create and manage groups which makes it easy for you to choose which category of people to send out messages to. You will not have to edit or input contacts every time you need to send messages.

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