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25 Jul

Choosing a domain name

How much thought do you need to put into choosing your domain name? Is it really that important? Do you think if you have a quality website and business, people will visit your site no matter what the domain is? You see, your domain name is a key element of your website. It can make or break you.

But wait, why is your domain name so important? Choosing the right domain name for your website is crucial for your success. If you choose the wrong domain na...

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05 Jul

Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Platforms

Multi-vendor online shops, aka marketplaces, are gold mines when done right. The big dogs are Etsy and Ebay, but you can find popular niche multi-vendor sites such as ThemeForest. The idea behind multi-vendor sites is to allow people, or companies, to create profiles and post their products for sale.

When customers come to your multi-vendor site they can pick one item from Peter web designer and another from Company XYZ and it is all processed through...

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