15 Jul

Coming Up With The Best Web Design

The Internet is a very big place, so it can be overwhelming to try to find web design ideas that fit your style and needs. On top of that, modern web design hinges upon knowing which design trends are in vogue and which are past their prime. Where do you even start?

Before starting the work you need to know what is it you are designing for. Besides the description of the site, you need to know what the expectations are for it. Take a news site for example, what's the goal? Is it to make make as many ad impressions as possible or is it to provide the best reading experience? How are those goals going to be measured?

Good redesigns are not necessarily the most flashy ones but the ones that improve performance over time. Talking to your clients before starting your design is key to define all of this and to learn what their concerns and goals beyond the written statement of work are.

In the last year or two, it has become noticeable that many designers are trying to move away from simple and closed compositions. More and more open-styled, seemingly chaotic, "broken" and cut compositions are being created. The previously worshiped grid lost its importance and its rules were deliberately and consciously bent. Content started to be shifted, seemingly moved, its parts sometimes overlapped and intermingled.

A few tips should get you started;


The most important design tip is also the simplest; Make sure your content has breathing room; give it proper margins will help with legibility and focus. In particular, it's important to avoid overwhelming users with walls of text.

Too much text can be a bit daunting. Text is necessary so make sure to break it up with larger sub headings and legible paragraphs. Considering using icons or images as alternative ways to communicate your point.


If there is one golden rule of design it's this: pick your aesthetic and stick to it. Consistency is key. Nothing will tank your design faster than picking one design direction and then switching it halfway through.

Being consistent starts from your domain name, logo, your theme colors, design flow, and much more. Users identify more with a design that seldom changes since they remember what they saw the last time they visited your site.

Color Theme

When it comes to picking a color palette the key is to pick it and stick to it. Again, consistency is everything when it comes to creating a cohesive color palette for your site. The site should not be a rainbow or a collection where one can find all colors! Choose two or three main theme colors and work with them. The colors should easily blend into each other and be presentable.

Photo Sizing

Remember, the web is pixel based, so if your image isn't large enough it's going to look pixelated. When you are looking for images on Google, make sure to get the proper size. Photo clarity adds a lot of credibility to a site, even if they weren't taken by you. If the image is too small, don't use it!

Picking Font Type

When it comes to picking a font-face you want to pick something super easy to read, graphic, and maybe something a little, you know, whimsical. Also blend the best font with appropriate sizing at different points of your site. The fonts should also be accompanied with appropriate color mixing. These help to easily identify items such as titles.

What Next?

Now that you know the basics expected in your site, it should sound pretty straight forward to come up with a well-designed site.

It is important to note that of late, there have been sites coming up with themes available for download hence you don't have to consume your time with design. A good example of such is themeforest.net where you find premium templates that are professionally designed and ready to be adjusted and deployed.

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