Airtime API

We do Airtime API integration to enable you distribute virtual Airtime across mobile service providers in East Africa. We have a simple integration which does not require any setup on your end, you can literally top up numbers in minutes. You can send request to top up as many numbers in a single instance.

Pre-paid Airtime is a recurring expenditure for majority of mobile phone users in Africa. This makes it a unique and powerful tool for driving a variety of applications.

Airtime APIs can be used in Payment Solutions where you pay people with Airtime allowance, you just send it directly to their phone! They can also be used as incentives in platforms such as those that do surveys. This attracts people to participate in the survey.


Airtime Use Cases

Payment Solutions

Virtual airtime is one of the most efficient channels for making micro-payments to a large group or recipients. All you need for this solution to work is the recipient's phone number.


Airtime rewards can be a great incentive for any mobile subscriber to take part in an activity. Use it to drive up survey response rates, run mass-market advertising campaigns, promote content etc.

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